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Scenes from St. John the Baptist’s life


1. “Annunciation to Zachariah” According to the Gospel of Luke, the birth of John was prophesied to his father Zachariah, by the angel Gabriel, while the former was performing his functions as a priest, in the temple of Jerusalem.

2. “Visitation of St. Elizabeth”  The Gospel recounts that Mother Mary came to inform Elizabeth about her pregnancy. At that time, Elizabeth was in her sixth month of pregnancy and her unborn baby ‘jumped for joy’ in the womb only.

3.”Nativity of St. John” According to Luke, the Catholic calendar placed the feast of John the Baptist on June 24, six months before Christmas.

4. “Little Saint John in the wilderness”

5.”Saint John preaches” It is said that, at the age of thirty, John started to preach on the banks of the river Jordan. He preached against the evils of the time and attracted men to penance and baptism. His only message to people was to repent, as the Lord was coming.

6. “Voice of the calling in the wilderness”

7. “St. John pointed his disciples to Christ”

8. “Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan” He baptized many people and, thus, was named John the Baptist. According to the Holy Scriptures, Christ also turned to John to attain baptism.The incident took place when John the Baptist’s ministry was at its close.

9. “Saint John admonishes the King Herod” John’s growing popularity and immense power
created fright and fear in the minds of Herod Antipas, Tetrarch of Perea and Galilee.

10. “Saint John in prison” Following John’s denunciation of his adulterous and incestuous wife Herodias, who was also the wife of his half brother Philip (Herod II), Antipas had him arrested and imprisoned at Machaerus Fortress, on the Dead Sea.

11. “Decapitation of Saint John” Salome, the daughter of Herodias, impressed Antipas with a dance performance. Delighted by the girl’s act, he vowed to grant her any wish. Salome, at the instigation of her mother, demanded the head of John the Baptist.

12. “Herod’s Party”

13. “Herodiada and Salome with the head of Saint John on a platter”
14. “Funeral of Saint John”

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